The Human Algorithm® Consultancy

The Human Algorithm Consultancy for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders.

Problem Mastery Programmes for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders



  • These are our company contact details and you can contact Mr David Sheridan with them. Our company was established in September 2000 in the UK. We can work in many different countries. We welcome enquiries from any country.

  • We provide Problem Mastery Programmes for persistent weight problems and eating disorders.

  • We are developing a network of Marketing and Sales Associates who help us to promote what we do and through that process find new customers.

  • This page is for Medical, Health and Welfare professionals who are involved with people who have weight problems.

  • Information on our exclusive Pre-Dieting Workshops. Workshops to help dieters to make their future dieting experience, the best diet experience they have ever had. We use the From Fat Land to Slim Land in 3 Steps Approach innovated and developed by us.

  • This is our Internet privacy policy.

  • Mr David Sheridan is available for Public Speaking and other occassions and events.

  • This page has details of our Programmes for people who have weight control problems.