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Book on our Pre-Dieting Workshops for people with weight control problems.
New Experiential Pre-Dieting Workshops

Pre-Dieting workshops are a new concept. We created them as part of our new approach to working with weight control problems and the obesity issue in children and adults.

These workshops can provide an enormous benefit that can strategically influence someone's management of their weight control problem and change how they understand and manage weight control problems in themselves and others.

Reading a book is great; but having the opportunity for live interactions with experts in a new approach that works in a holistic fashion with any weight control problem, provides participants with a major motivating factor to do it differently this time.

The pre-dieting workshops can be used by individuals, children with guardian/parent, families and groups.

The Pre-Dieting Workshop is provided as a two day Experiential workshop that involves a mixture of training, education, developing insights, personal development, process management and personal management.

Frequency of Workshops

We are expecting to run one workshop per month from individual inquiries and we will run more if we have sufficient numbers to do so.

We are flexible about when and where we can provide these workshops. We can run workshops on demand for groups booking. We can run workshops at different locations and at central locations as required; such as London, South Coast, Midlands, Manchester, etc. Workshops outside the UK can be provided by arrangement.

To register interest in a workshop or to speak to us about the Workshops; contact us direct. Contact us

Have a better dieting experience with Weight Control The Hi-Way 
Doing Dieting Differently with The Dieters Scale©™ and The Hi Common Platform©™

How often does someone lose weight but still keep their weight problem?

We take this question into our approach of: Don't just lose weight; lose the weight problem!

In reality; there is a right way to approach a new diet and a wrong way. To be successful with dieting we need to plan and prepare to be successful; or we cannot achieve and maintain the results that we want.

This means planning and preparing for weight control, rather than weight loss.

Most dieters will do the wrong things when they prepare for a diet; and as a result, they ensure that they are going to fail. Why should someone put themselves through the negative and unproductive process of failing on another diet; if they don't have to?

This workshop can take someone in a new direction and it opens up the reality of living a different type of life.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This new Experiential Workshop has been developed for those who are planning to go on another diet in the near future; and who want to change the results they normally achieve.

We would expect that people who come on this workshop have had a weight problem for some time and that they would have a reasonably long dieting history.

On the 2-day Experiential Workshop we have more time to go into individual challenges in more depth and to allow for overnight reflection on the experiences of the day.


The outcomes we are focused on are measured over time. Our objective with this workshop is to get the participants to re-think their weight control problem; and to re-think and restructure the solution they have been applying to their problem.

We also want to begin to lay the foundations for this re-thinking and restructuring process to be taken into future behaviours and activities; by providing better Human Intelligence (Hi), new tools, ideas and approach.

On this Workshop we help someone to see how dieters fit into different types and how they can use this to help them achieve the results that they really can achieve. Indicative workshop content is shown below.

This workshop should be viewed as the beginning of a process that is sustainable over time. A process that can help someone achieve weight control and a better quality of life.

As with all recidivist behaviours more than one intervention may be required and we allow for the reality of recidivist behaviours in our approach. Follow up work should be considered to be a reality for anyone who is in the Amber and Red Zones on The Dieters Scale.

For clinical situations where professionals are going to be working ongoingly with people who have been through our workshops; we would advise appropriate training for those professionals related to our approach and the use of The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform and The Dieters Scale. This enables everyone to communicate using the same language and tools; and this facilitates better understanding and better communications which can be measured and recorded to create a history.

Our focus throughout the workshop is on achieving long term weight control, rather than quick weight loss through dieting.

Workshop Content

This workshop will take someone through the Hi-Way pre-diet planning and preparation process. This will increase their chances of being successful with their new diet.

We want people to enjoy this potentially life changing experience and to have fun, relax and begin to see the real structure and nature of their own weight problem.

We also want them to see that, in reality, any weight problem and the associated issues that tend to go along with it; can be improved, resolved and better managed. We begin the process of showing them how this can really be done!

Subjects for the workshops include:

  • An introduction to The Dieters Scale. 
  • Understanding what type of dieter you actually are.
  • Understanding where you are on The Dieters Scale. 
  • Understanding the journey from Fat Land to Slim Land. 
  • Understanding the role of exercise in dieting and weight loss. 
  • Understanding the role of stress and anxiety in a weight problem and how to begin combating them. 
  • Understanding the NCV+F guide. 
  • Understanding your Life Profile. 
  • An introduction to The Confluence. 
  • Building your Self-Esteem. 
  • Motivation.
  • And other essential information which can be tailored to the day. 

This is a full two day workshop and we will provide participants with information and advice that is based on our book: Weight Control The Hi-Way and other proprietary material focused on successful weight control and lifestyle management.

As part of the workshop participants will be provided with a Free copy of our book in an electronic format (PDF). This enables them to continue to develop their weight control and lifestyle management after the workshop finishes.

Some pre-workshop material may be sent to the participants.

Other workshops focused on weight problems are planned. These will cover subjects such as Motivation, Inspiration, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Handling Relationships, Time Management, etc.

Our weight control experiential workshops are available in limited supply at the moment; so contact us to express your interest or to make a booking.

Booking Information

Workshops can be provided during weekdays and over weekends by arrangement.

Workshops can be attended by and booked by individuals, groups and companies for their employees. We do also take private group bookings (for example a group of friends) and consultancy can be added by arrangement.

This workshop is suitable for GP's and other health professionals who would like to refer patients with weight control problems to the workshops. We can take individual and block bookings from health professionals. We may require some additional information from the health professional.

For block bookings we can run an experiential workshop on short notice provided that we have sufficient numbers. Please contact us to register your interest in a workshop or to speak to us about block bookings. Contact Us

We have a special rate for GP's, fund holders and other Health Professionals who wish to refer patients. Please contact us for details. We have a limit for the minimum and maximum number of participants on any workshop. Private group booking can run with smaller numbers subject to a minimum charge being applied.

Workshop prices do not include items like hotel accommodation, travel or food; unless specifically stated in the information sent to you.

Workshops can be provided in different parts of the UK and outside of the UK.

We do not weigh anyone on our Workshops!
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