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"What an original approach. You don't diet at all for the first 3 months because your mind and your body are not ready for the stress of dieting. First you get ready and then you learn your personal pathway for weight control that you can sustain."

"I never heard of anything like this before and was blown away by how they are addressing this issue."

"At first I thought that I did not really need the Problem Mastery Programme. It was when I hit my first bad day that I realised just how much I actually did need the Problem Mastery Programme."

"Been there, done that and got the T shirt. The trouble was that I had been to the wrong places, done the wrong things and bought the wrong T shirts. I thought all weight problems were the same; boy was I wrong! You can learn a lot from this and it can change, really change, how you understand and work with your weight problem."

"I had no idea about Human Algorithm's® and how they related to my behaviour. I thought my weight problem controlled me! Now I know how to understand the things that influence me to be overweight, drink too much and hate myself. It feels slow at times as I am not trying to lose as much weight as I can, as fast as I can. It is when I look back at how far I have come that I realise just how much progress I have made."

"I have spent a small fortune over the years on diets, new clothes and wishful thinking. Now I have invested in myself and I am finally sorting out my problem. Its not cheap but it is good value. I wish now that I had done it sooner and someone had told me about this approach."

Our approach provides a new Vision, a new Plan and a new focus for understanding and working with persistent Weight problems, Obesity and Eating Disorders. 

Finding The Information You Need To be Really Successful

How do you cut through all the noise to find the truth that you need to be successful with weight control?

We help those with persistent weight, obesity and eating disorders to find the truth that they need to change their lives and change their relationship with the problems that they experience.

We provide the opportunity for real change and development in a world that is full of noise, false promises, fake news and inaccurate information.

We are committed to real and true solutions that produce sustainable results.

We provide people, with persistent weight problems and eating disorders, with the Opportunity to have a new lifestyle and the structure and support to do this through using our Weight Problem Mastery Programmes.

The Problem Pyramid & Weight Control 

Our work with persistent weight problems and eating disorders, shows us that at any one time about 15% of those with weight problems and eating disorders are naturally in a position to fix and improve their problem.

These are the 15% of people who are in the top of the Problem Pyramid (Green Zone). if they take the right actions, over the right period of time, then they can successfully change their weight problem.

Another way to understand this is that their probability for achieving a successful outcome with changing and mastering their weight problem is increased when they are in the top of the Problem Pyramid and reduced when they are in the bottom (Red Zone).

The Problem Pyramid

This means that about 85% of those with persistent weight problems and eating disorders are not naturally in the right position to fix and improve their problem.

This also applies across personal, business, organisational and any other structure, system or process which involves Human Behaviour; so people with weight problems and eating disorders are not alone.

This is important to understand as those in the top of the Problem Pyramid will require a different solution to those in the bottom of the Problem Pyramid. We take account of all of this in our Problem Mastery Programmes.

So the approach to weight control that someone chooses will have little or no effect if the person is in the wrong place in the Problem Pyramid. It is critical that dieters understand this and understand that the correct matching of their problem and the solution they want to use is critical for success.

Using the Problem Pyramid we can see why so many people fail with dieting and weight control. Organisations like Weight Watchers and Slimming World treat all weight problems using the Dieting Pathway. One approach that is supposed to work with everyone; but fails to do so.

The reality is that most of the people with persistent weight problems and eating disorders are going to be in the bottom of the Problem Pyramid.

And the bottom of the Problem Pyramid divides into sectors as you move from the top to the bottom; each of those sectors requires a different weight control solution.

When you understand where you are in the Problem Pyramid, you increase your chances of finding the right weight control solution for that place. We do this as part of our Problem Mastery Programmes.

Put simply: If a dieting approach works with the top of the Problem Pyramid; then it is unlikely to work with the bottom.

A failure to understand this process is what is leading to many compromised dieting and weight control solutions and, as a result, we have an increase in the number, size and complexity of the problems facing those with weight problems and eating disorders. 

Our work focuses on understanding when the top of the Problem Pyramid is relevant and when it isn't. We also focus on moving more people with weight problems from the bottom of the problem pyramid to the top and then helping them to achieve a new lifestyle. 

We can provide consultancy related to this area and Problem Mastery Programmes that allow us to help someone change their relationship with their weight problems and eating disorders. Contact us for details: (44) 07787 503646

Psychosomatic Weight Control Problems

Most persistent weight control problems could properly be called Psycho-Somatic in their nature and this is what we work with.

This approach enables us to look beyond simple weight loss and to work with Mastering Weight Control. While we are doing this it gives us the opportunity for dealing with the other problems that someone has. People do not develop weight problems and eating disorders in isolation from a selection of other challenges.

We have found that if people simply focus on weight loss, then most of them will become perpetual dieters and over time, their problem can become more complex and difficult to deal with. We look to end the influences that the problem has over the person and the way that it influences their behaviours and lifestyle.

We want to help people with weight control problems to find and control their own Human Algorithm® for their weight problem and use this to achieve Mastery over their problem. To get our help contact us on (44) 07787 503646

The Real Weight Control Challenge

The challenge facing all weight control and dieting approaches is in two part:

1. How do they get more people into the top of the Problem Pyramid so they are able to be more successful.

2. How do they then increase the long term success of those in the top of the Problem Pyramid, so that they can sustain the results and improve on them over the medium to long term.

This is what The Human Algorithm® Consultancy has focused on achieving:

A process that works with the Psycho-Somatic nature of weight problems to produce more effective and sustainable long term results; that can be repeated.

To achieve this we provide Problem Mastery Programmes with a focus on moving more weight problems from the bottom of the Problem Pyramid for weight control, to the top; and then achieving Mastery of the problem. 


The Problem Pyramid


Weight Problems Are Growing & Becoming More Complex

Do you know that there are now more people with Weight Problems and Eating Disorders than there has ever been in the history of mankind.

The fat person has become the norm.

The fat person with the weight problem is also the fat person with Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Relationship issues and other Life challenges.

The weight problem has merged with other Life problems and they have become more complex and difficult to treat.

To treat them we need to better understand them:

In reality these problems are Hybrid problems, that often have their expression in the physical world and their roots in the Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development that is created by someone's inner world development as they go through their life. In other words; they are Psycho-Somatic in nature.

To deal with these problems effectively we need to understand and work with this.

Our view was that to begin to influence and change these problems in the right way, that we required a new Vision and a new Plan. The old approach doesn't really work and its time we acknowledged this.

Why The Normal Approach To Dieting Doesn't Work!

The normal approach for dealing with persistent weight problems and disordered eating is to use The Dieting Pathway. This approach is used by companies such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World and by many in the Medical profession.

This approach focuses on food, weight, diet and exercise (The Physical Aspects where the focus is on weight loss) but it has a very limited sustainable effect upon the medium to long term consequences of weight problems and often leads to the practice of long term repeat dieting.

This weight loss focused approach, now has so much influence and control over people that it is normal for people to spend decades trying to deal with weight problems using this approach. We once worked with a woman who had tried this approach for 40-years and who still had the problem when she came to us.

Because companies like Weight Watchers and Slimming world require a large volume of users, they try to work with anyone and everyone. This approach has a failure rate that matches the Problem Pyramid. About 85% of the people that they work with each year fail to achieve and maintain any form of weight control over the medium to long term.

Those that do achieve weight loss that is significant (Dieter of the Year) usually return to their previous habits and put the weight back on.

So instead of dieters following success; they are usually imitating failure and as a result they become a dieting failure themselves.

What is typical about this approach is that it fails to influence and change behaviours over the medium to long term and it has little real success for those with entrenched Weight and Dietary issues.

In my experience it also produces Yo-yo dieters and re-enforces the Weight problem, making it harder to treat.

So what can be done about it?

The real question that everyone has: How Do I Become Successful With My Weight?

The real underlying question everyone has is this:

How do they reach the place where real change with their weight problem becomes a possibility for them; that can be turned into a really?

I worked with this problem over the course of many years. My goal was to create a new type of Solution that could be delivered through Programmes that have been designed to create "The Condition of Possibility" that everyone seeks.

The Condition of Possibility is the place where it becomes possible for real and permanent change to occur.

This is the place that those with Weight Problems want to reach but usually can't.

This is the place where Change that has previously been difficult or impossible to achieve; can begin to occur.

These points of change are so special that we called them Genesis Points. Our Problem Mastery Programmes help people with weight problems to reach and use Genesis Points and use them to change their weight problems.

Through this process we work with the Psycho-Somatic nature of their weight problem and help them to change.

This process creates permanent change.

The Problem Mastery Programme Format

The Problem Mastery Programme for persistent Weight Problems and Disordered Eating is a tailored programme provided in 1-year long modules. Each Module has a maximum of 46 sessions.

Each Programme has a Programme Manager who provides guidance and one-to-one personal assistance throughout the Programmes module.

The Programmes are comprehensive, high quality and high value Programmes that include a mixture of Consultancy, Training, Mentoring, Experiential Learning, Support, New information, a New Approach, New Systems and Structures that you will not have been exposed to before.

In reality; the most complex and difficult problems, that score high on the Problem Scale™ will need to be worked with over time and in a stepped process. To achieve this we simply link modules together and work at different levels. This format allows complex and difficult problems to be dealt with in module format and for the person to undertake their journey from the problem to the solution with realistic time scales and allows the space for Experiential Learning. 

Our Problem Mastery Programme will normally include working with the following:

  • The Weight, Food, Health, Me! Relationship  
  • The Lifestyle Management System  
  • Understanding and using The Dieters Scale™  
  • Understanding and using The Human Algorithm® Pathway  
  • The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform™.  
  • The Relationship Management System  
  • The Emotional Management System  
  • The Psychological Management System and;  
  • The Behaviour Management System.  
  • Bringing all the bits together and locking them in place.  
  • Issues such as Self Esteem, Confidence, Etc. Allowing proper time scales and having realistic expectations for the client group allows new things to be experienced and locked in place. Once locked in place it becomes difficult for recidivist behaviours to emerge (it become difficult to fall back to previous behaviours).  
  • Our Individual sessions are often longer than the standard 1-hour session.  

Problem Mastery Programmes are world class programmes that we have developed and exclusively provide.

Problem Mastery Programme for Weight Problems and Eating Disorders are suitable for both Adults and Children. 

Contact us to speak about your requirements. Contact Us

Residential Placements

I have the ability to offer limited Residential Placements for certain conditions to provide a higher level of support and contact. This level of contact allows for different types of work and interactions to take place.

Please contact me for details. David Sheridan (44) 07787 503646


In the process of creating this project a number of books related to the work of The Human Algorithm® Project and understanding and working with weight control problems have been written. Material from these books is used in our Problem Mastery Programmes.

David J. Sheridan at the Swiss Embassy in London

Mr. David J. Sheridan

The books have been written by Mr David J. Sheridan. The book titles include the following 6 titles which are available from Amazon:

Self Esteem for Imperfect People

The Perfect Life Diet for Imperfect People with Weight Problems

An Introduction to The Human Dynamics Matrix

Weight Control The Hi-Way

Inspire & Motivate Yourself to Achieve Something Positive!

From Fat to Slim in 3 Steps

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