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The increase of weight and obesity problems are considered to be of epidemic proportions with somewhere between 30% and 50% of the populations of many countries now being classified as overweight and obese.  

The increasing numbers of people, who are developing obesity and other conditions as a result of being overweight, are considered to be something of a Health and Welfare time bomb.  

June 2015: A recent report from America based on watching over 16,000 people, over a 20-year period, concluded that more American's are now overweight than ever before. With the ratios working out roughly to 1/3rd being the right weight, 1/3rd being overweight and 1/3rd being obese. The trend is showing no signs of slowing down or reversing.

Many weight control problems can be addressed by a diet. However; this diet focused approach has a history of short term success that cannot be sustained. 

Failure with the dieting process often then leads on to a further advancement of the weight problem; with increasing complexity being added along the way. 

So once weight problems have been around for a reasonable period of time they become more complex and much more difficult to manage. 

There is also the issue that weight problems span the Social, Economic, Educational, Gender and Age barriers. Being clever and from a privileged background does not stop someone from developing a weight problem. 

So how can we begin to get a hold of this problem which is growing in scale and complexity? 

When the conventional solutions prove to be ineffective, it is time for some unconventional thinking. 

Instead of looking at weight problems through the lens of the symptom that it produces; why not look at the problem through the Architecture that helps to first create the problem; and then to maintain and develop the problem 

Once you can understand the Architecture the next step is to understand the Problem Dynamics and the Human Dynamics that are involved; and how they interact and support each other. 

This is a difficult and complex process that takes a lot of time, effort and ingenuity. 

Once you have this understanding the next stage is to be able to convert this into a new type of Approach; that can provide a solution to long term weight control problems; and that can work across the Spectrum of Weight Problems. 

Weight Control The Hi-Way has been created to do this job. 

The purpose behind this work was to develop and provide a viable new approach to understanding and working with complex problems; such as long terms weight control and the conduit of problems, issues and challenges that accompanies these types of problems. 


We are interested in working with professionals who are involved with weight problems that occur across the spectrum of weight problems; from underweight to overweight.

Our work with weight control ties in with our work with The Human Algorithm® Project.

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