The Human Algorithm® Consultancy

The Human Algorithm Consultancy for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders.

Problem Mastery Programmes for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders


As part of our development plan we are looking for Marketing & Sales Associates.


The Associates can help us to develop into companies and organisations as well as communities.


These are commission only positions that may provide other opportunities as we develop and grow.



Our flagship solution for working with Weight Problems, Obesity Issues and Type 2 Diabetes Management is:

The Fat Land to Slim Land Programme™.


The programme can be delivered to small groups (6 to 10 people) or to individuals and couples. People can come together for larger groups when additional training is provided.


The programme is run as a premium service and people need to commit for the module length and pay up front.


This puts what we do at a different level to the type of work that organisations involved with The Dieting Pathway, like Weight Watchers and Slimming World, provide.


Ours is more of a Clinical Service/Strategic Lifestyle Management Service.



Because we provide a premium service this means that we can work with Marketing & Sales Associates.


The job of the Associate is to help us to connect with the right people and to see if they are eligible customers. We can then pay them commission on paid up programmes.


An opportunity may present itself with something else that we do. To provide this we do need a minimum number of participants.



Because I think that too many people are entering The Dieting Pathway with the wrong expectations and information; I created this concept and these workshops .  This is:


Weight Control The Hi-Way Pre-dieting Workshops™ 

What do you really know about Weight Control and how this is different from the Dieting Pathway? In reality most people, about 95% of them, make the same mistakes over and over again. This Workshop introduces people with weight control and dietary problems to a new way to look at, work with and achieve success with Weight Control. This is provided to groups, patient groups, nursing staff and in the workplace. Contact us for details. 

These workshops can be run as 1-day or 2 day workshops with variable content according to the composition of the participants.


These can also be used to find new customers and opportunities.


These also pay commission and can be run for children and adults; either separately or combined.


The workshops do not convey any Licensing Rights or Training Rights to people; it is for their own personal use only.


To run a workshop or series of workshops I would need to have people confirmed on them and paid up for them. With these workshops we can go up to a higher number of participants.




We are interested in using this approach in other countries. Using Marketing & Sales Associates to help us develop into new territories.


With enough people confirmed on Programmes and Workshops we can look at developing into those countries.



If you are interested in becoming a Marketing & Sales Associate please send me your CV or write to me using our Contact Details.


Companies and Organisations can also contact us.


Have a wonderful day.