The Human Algorithm® Consultancy

The Human Algorithm Consultancy for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders.

Problem Mastery Programmes for Weight, Obesity and Eating Disorders


Our specialist services include:

  • Working with Persistent Weight Problems and Eating Disorders.
  • Working with Persistent problems such as Confidence, Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, PTSD, Alcohol; Drug and Prescription medication abuse; feeling persistently overwhelmed.
  • Developing Life Skills and adjusting Lifestyle Management Skills.
  • We are very experienced at working with Psycho-somatic problems which is what Persistent Weight Problems are.

Our work is usually a combination of Consultancy, Mentoring, Counselling, Training and Experiential Learning.

We usually work using a Problem Mastery Programme framework that we have developed as part of our ongoing professional development and our high level work with The Human Algorithm® Project; which we created.

We use material from The Human Algorithm® Project such as structures, systems and processes; all of which are proprietary.

We also use material from the 6 published books that were written in conjunction with the development of The Human Algorithm® Project and its specialist applications.

Our approach is tailored for each client and this can involve working with someone’s GP or other medical practitioner.

Our Problem Mastery Programmes are provided in modules that are 1-year in length. With more complex and challenging issues more than 1 module may be required. At your interview we can provide more information on this.

We provide all of our clients with complete confidentiality; subject to our statutory obligations.

Our Programmes can be delivered at our clinic, at a place of work, at home and at satellite locations.

Contacting Us

All potential clients need to be assessed so that we can understand your reality and your needs. To do this we undertake an interview process.

At the beginning of our work the process is often likened to seeing an iceberg. We see that bit which is exposed and as we go on we see more and more of the hidden parts of the iceberg. The assessment is also often like this; clients often leave out relevant details which are revealed during our work with them.

We do not issue medication or medical advice and may refer back to your medical practitioner for specific help; such as managing, reducing and coming off of medication. We would work with you through this process as a normal part of a Programme.

To book an assessment please call David J. Sheridan on 07787 503646

Assessments are chargeable and you will be advised of the costs at the time of booking.