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For many people, going on a diet is physically and mentally demanding and emotionally challenging. It does not have to be like this!

My name is David J. Sheridan. I have been involved in understanding and working with weight problems since 1994.

Over this time I have developed exceptional skill and knowledge of how weight problems are created and how, even the most difficult weight problem can be improved, better managed or fixed so that it no longer exist.

From 1994 until today,2018, I have seen many different diets, diet products, simple solutions, surgical approaches, quick fixes and magic solutions being sold.

I have seen Organisations like Weight Watchers change their approaches, make new claims, produced new diets, switched their business models to sell more diet foods and increased the number of members who want to lose weight through their online portals.

Despite all of this activity the number of children and adults with weight problems has increased. In reality weight problems have become more complex and difficult to deal with; despite all the claims of all those people and businesses who sell solutions to people like you.

Weight problems have also become more dangerous with the dramatic increase in Type 2 Diabetes, an increase in deaths from related conditions and a reduction in life expectancy.

The reality is that the weight loss and dieting business model is in crisis as they cannot actually provide their customers with what they want and need. They are selling you a dream that cannot be achieved by following their methods.

Never Diet Again! 

Over the last 24 years I have been shadowing the dieting industry. Learning about their approaches and the reality of what they can really deliver. During that time I was also working on developing a new understanding of weight problems; how they are really created and what is really required to change them. This has lead to a new approach for working with and fixing weight problems.

Now I provide a Personal Development Programme for people with weight problems. This Programme has been designed to work with the most difficult of Weight, Obesity, Anorexia and Bulimia problems. I work across the weight problem spectrum because weight problems are Hybrid problems. I also use the Programme with Adults and Children.

Hybrid problems involve both Mental and Physical aspects. Weight problems are Hybrid problems and it is not unusual for people weight problems to also experience Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem issues and other challenges like Relationships, work issues and Health issues.

The Programmes I provide work with the whole problem landscape (Mental and Physical) and we focus on longer term results that can last.

To do this my Programmes are bespoke. I also use material from The Human Algorithm® Project and from my books. I have written more books about how to understand and work with weight problems than Weight Watchers, Slimming World and the other businesses which provide diets and diet products.

My bespoke Programmes are comprehensive, high quality and high value Programmes that include Consultancy, Training, Mentoring, Experiential Learning, Support, New information, a New Approach, New Systems and Structures that you will not have been exposed to before.

On successful completion of the Programme you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

To understand weight problems in a more efficient way we created The Dieters Scale™©. This help us to understand how difficult weight problems and their associates issues really are and how long, in reality, it will take to lay the foundations for your successful completion of my Programme.

To take part in a Programme I use a informal interview process. This helps me to understand your needs and for you to see the capabilities of the Programme and how it can help you to achieve your goals. To find out more and to book an interview please call me: David J. Sheridan on 07787 503646

After the informal interview I can create your bespoke Programme outline and let you know what the length and cost of the Programme will be.

The Programmes I provide are Premium and bespoke and you will need to be able to invest in your Personal Development to take part.

Our Books

In the process of creating this project Mr David J. Sheridan has written a number of books related to the work of The Human Algorithm® Project and material from these books is used in our Programmes.

David J. Sheridan at the Swiss Embassy in London
David J. Sheridan

The book titles include the following 6 titles which are available from Amazon:

Self Esteem for Imperfect People

The Perfect Life Diet for Imperfect People with Weight Problems

An Introduction to The Human Dynamics Matrix

Weight Control The Hi-Way

Inspire & Motivate Yourself to Achieve Something Positive!

From Fat to Slim in 3 Steps

Why The Normal Approach To Dieting Doesn't Work!

The normal approach for dealing with weight problems is to use The Dieting Pathway. This focuses on food, diet and exercise (The Physical Aspects) but it has a very limited effect upon the medium to long term consequences of these problems. This approach is used by companies such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World.

What is typical about this approach is that it fails to change behaviours over the medium to long term and it has little real success for those with Weight and Obesity issues. In my experience it also produces Yo-yo dieters and re-enforces the Weight problem.

6 people out of 7 fail when using this approach.

So what can we do about it?

Challenging The Way That Things Are Done! 

My Plan was to challenge convention and to take a fresh look at how we understand and work with Weight problems.

Then I wanted to see what the real demands of the problem were; and see how we understood the Patterns and Structures of the Human Behaviours, Activities and Actions (The Human Algorithm's®) that actually lead to the creation and maintenance of Weight and Obesity problems.

Once we could see the way that the Weight and Obesity problem architecture was created and maintained we would then do something different again and create an unconventional approach to actually fix these type of problems.

The Seed of Belief Human Algorithm®

While doing this work I was working with a number of different women who had long term weight problems and obesity issues. While working with them I noticed something that was common to them all. I discovered a new Human Algorithm® that stops people from being successful with weight control.

All the woman had lots of dieting experience, had tried many diets and had lost weight and put it back on again. As a result of all their personal experiences over a long period of time they had lost something.

All the women hoped that my new approach would work; but they had lost their belief that anything could really help them.

So I realised that I needed to take account of this and help them to discover and develop their Seed of Belief that this time it could really work and their weight problem could be changed.

By spending time working with them to help them find their Seed of Belief we were able to change what they were able to achieve.

It is by working with Human Algorithm's® like this that we were able to form a new approach.

Work With The Mind & Body Challenge; It's What Genesis Programmes Do!

My Programmes are called: Genesis Programmes. They provide a new format for a high quality solution that helps people to change and improve their lives.

A Genesis Programme enables us to work with the Symptoms and Causes of problems and the Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development required to stop the problem and improve someone's' life.

Each Genesis Programme is carefully crafted to take the user on a journey from the weight problem to the solution and beyond.

On this journey they will learn how to understand and deal with the Symptoms and Causes of their weight problem so that they can then leave the weight problem behind as their paradigm changes forever.

Each Genesis Programme can be tailored to meet the needs of individual users and the type of weight problem that they have. This enables us to work with Anorexia and Bulimic weight problems as well.

Our Genesis Programme has taken over 20-years to develop and it is exclusive to us. We own all the Intellectual Property Rights for our work.

The Genesis Programmes that we provide are suitable for children and adults, which is also unusual.


Why is a Genesis Programme Special for people with Weight Problems and Obesity Issues?

People with Weight problems have a problem with achieving and maintaining change with their behaviours.

This is not unique to people with Weight and Obesity Issues. People who have Depression, Stress, Anxiety and other personally debilitating conditions have the same problem. We also find that many people with weight problems also suffer from these conditions as well.

The real question that everyone has is this:

How do they reach the place where real change becomes a possibility that can be turned into a really?

I worked with this problem over the course of a number of years. My goal was to create a new type of Solution that could be delivered through Programmes that have been designed to create "The Condition of Possibility" that everyone seeks.

The Condition of Possibility is the place where it becomes possible for real and permanent change to occur.

This is the place that those with Weight Problems want to reach.

This is the place where Change that has previously been difficult or impossible to achieve; can begin to begin to occur.

These points of change are so special that we called them Genesis Points.

We are the exclusive suppliers of the Genesis Programmes created by The Human Algorithm® Project.

The Genesis Programmes that I created are designed to help someone to achieve "The Condition of Possibility" and to then achieve and experience the "Genesis Points".

Through this process we help someone to improve, resolve and better manage any weight problem, issue or challenge where Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development would play a major role.

When we use a Genesis Programme it provides the structure, systems and processes required to understand the weight problem in a new way and to help the user to achieve and sustain positive outcomes.

A Genesis Programme provides an Ecosystem within which Therapeutic, Medical and other approaches can work. The Ecosystem  provides a Common Platform that other approaches can fit into and use; to measure, control and adjust what they do.

This means we can work with the most complex and difficult of challenges.

To read more about The Human Algorithm® Project click here 

The Genesis Programme Format

The Genesis Programme for Weight and Obesity Issues™ is provided in 1-year long modules. Each Module has a maximum of 46 sessions.

Each Genesis Programme has an Appointed Programme Manager who provides guidance and personal assistance throughout the Programmes module.

My bespoke Programmes are comprehensive, high quality and high value Programmes that include Consultancy, Training, Mentoring, Experiential Learning, Support, New information, a New Approach, New Systems and Structures that you will not have been exposed to before.

In reality; the most complex and difficult problems, that score high on the Problem Scale™ will need to be worked with over time and in a stepped process. To achieve this we simply link modules together and work at different levels. This format allows complex and difficult problems to be dealt with in module format and for the person to undertake their journey from the problem to the solution with realistic time scales and the space for Experiential Learning.

A Genesis Programme will normally include working with the following:

  • The Weight, Food, Health, Me! Relationship 
  • The Lifestyle Management System 
  • Understanding and using The Dieters Scale™
  • Understanding and using The Human Algorithm® Pathway
  • The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform™.
  • The Relationship Management System 
  • The Emotional Management System 
  • The Psychological Management System and; 
  • The Behaviour Management System. 
  • Bringing all the bits together and locking them in place.
  • Issues such as Self Esteem, Confidence, Etc.  Allowing proper time scales and having realistic expectations for the client group allows new things to be experienced and locked in place. Once locked in place it becomes difficult for recidivist behaviours to emerge (it become difficult to fall back to previous behaviours). 

The Genesis Programme is a world class programme that we exclusively provide.

The Genesis Programme for Weight and Obesity Issues™ is suitable for both Adults and Children. Contact us to speak about your requirements. Contact Us

Want to join a Genesis Programme? 

Entry to a Genesis Programme is by informal interview.

We do this because not everyone is going to be suitable and they may not be ready or able to undertake the Programme at that time.

Where this is the case other work and Programmes that form part of The Human Algorithm® Pathway may be suitable and can form a foundation that can be used later on.

The informal Programme Interviews are a chargeable service. Contact us for details. Contact Us

The Genesis Programmes have a price range. Once the informal interview has been undertaken we can provide details of the cost of the Individually Tailored Programme.

Currently you may be able to ask your GP whether they or the Health Authority will pay for you to use our Service. We are also happy to work with Employers who want to look after and support their workers.

If you want to provide someone with a unique gift then we can work with you to make that possible; we can provide our Programmes as gifts and we can enter into special arrangements to deliver them. Contact me to talk through your idea.

Please contact David J. Sheridan – Email: david@GlobalWeightControl.com – Tel: (44) 07787 503646

All of our work is Copyright protected and we own the Intellectual Property Rights for all our work and the Product of that work.

Contact Us 

The Human Algorithm® Project has been created and developed by David J. Sheridan and Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd.

  All Rights Reserved ®©™ including: Application Rights & Work Product Rights
& Licensing Rights & Teaching Rights


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